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Chick'n Headz Home Page


What we hear: "Chick'n Headz was once a food truck." "You guys are a franchise." "Where are your other locations?"


The answers: Chick'n Headz is not a franchise and has never operated out of a food truck.  The restaurant opened on October 30, 2020, at its current location at 3162 W Martin Luther King in Fayetteville, AR.  This is the only location....for now.


After spending 25 years in Corporate America and experiencing life and loss in a pandemic, Byron and Natasha Kendle decided it was time to shift gears towards something they were passionate about. So with the help of their three daughters, they stepped out on faith, taking the biggest risk of their careers when they opened Chick'n Headz.


Chick'n Headz specializes in not only great wings tossed in their in-house sauces, but catfish, tenders, and more.  Their motto is Service before Sauce.

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